To get back “in shape”

In addition to the services offered by the Thai wellness center Lanna Gaia, guests at the Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria who want to get in shape and relaxing during their stay at Venice Lido have several option in the SPA

From the Turkish bath, the steam bath that dilates your blood vessels and improves your circulation as well as your mood to the aroma therapy bath that invites you to relax in a space full of delicate essential oils with aromatic herbs, essential oil perfumes and a mesmerizing starry sky that creates just the right atmosphere to relax your muscles and eliminate toxins

Created in the Nordic countries, the Finnish sauna encourages you to relax and removes toxins while the infrared sauna reproduces the effects of the sun using electromagnetic radiation: the result is a healthy mix that reduces rheumatism, back pain, arthritis and cellulite.

After a sauna or steam bath, the cherry on the cake is a multi-sensory shower. A delicate cloud of cold water paired with the positive effects of chromotherapy and the scents of aromatic oils carefully caress your skin, hydrating and making it feel amazing.

At the Spa at the Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria you’ll also find the famous Kneipp Path, perfect to help with circulation and stabilize the nervous system. There is also no lack of classic Spa treatments: hot tub. Water jets and bubbles that stimulate circulation and muscle tone.

At the end of the path, we suggest you sit a spell in our relaxation area where some herbal tea, fruit or just a little R&R eases you back into reality…

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Dear guest,
the Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria will be closed until April 30th for renovation and transformation in 5-star.
It's going to be a radical and striking work with the goal to create an innovative hotel concept that offers distinctive and unforgettable experiences for the most demanding guests.

During our closing period you can book the Russo Palace Hotel at
We also inform you that the Lanna Gaia Rejuvenation Center will be open every day from 10.00am to 8.00pm

Come back soon to discover the news about the renovation of the Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria.