The beach

The coast that inspired Goethe and Byron

The coast of the Lido di Venezia is famous for its very fine sand and clean waters, which can be accessed from the historic seaside facilities near the elegant cabanas that, from the end of the 19th century, were the symbol of Venetian holidays and many travellers from the world over.
Those who pick the Lido di Venezia beach for their holidays enjoy the quiet and reserved ambiance, far from the chaos and perfect for a relaxing holiday on the same coastline that was beloved by the English poet, George Byron and that, during the 19th century, saw the rise of many magnificent hotels that counted the nobility of Europe among their guests.
Today, thousands of tourists hear the call of the Lido with its unquestionable charm and its proximity to historic downtown Venice. But that’s not all: just a few minutes by bus from the downtown, there is the Alberoni oasis, protected by the WWF that can be reached by bicycle* by travelling along the ‘dykes‘ and the ancient hamlet of Malamocco.
Wild beaches composed of dunes and the sea, silent and romantic spaces for a romantic and exclusive day because this residential area is exclusive, full of typical restaurants serving fish that are very popular with those who are well acquainted with the Lido di Venezia.
* provided by Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria